Breaking a leg…

So I thought I ought to introduce myself in my first post. Give you a little info about me, my *not quite to interesting* life, and what this blog is hoping to do. I feel this would be a a good place to start, do re mi fa so la ti do….

Hi! *waves*. I’m Gemma, but also go by the names of “Riggers”, “Chuggers” (don’t ask), PJ, but prefer the title “Oracle”, which I gained after stopping a flatmate try to cook dry pasta without adding water…. but I will happily go by “Oracle”! I’m 28, and will always remain so (in my heart at least), and about to start a Masters Postgraduate degree in Forensic Psychology. I have always wanted to go into this career, but after graduation from my BSc (Hons) in Psychology 7 years ago *cries*, I took a few years to refresh and entered the work place at a wonderful Stately Home near where I live. I decided to take the leap this year, and apply for the course. Luckily, I was accepted onto the course, despite the number of places declining, and after 10 years at magnificent Burghley House, I have handed in my notice, and getting prepared for re-entering the studying life.

Whilst this is my future career, my love and passion is the Arts, and I love nothing more than booking tickets for a show, and enjoying a few hours out of my life to be absorbed into another.

This blog is my way of showing everyone what amazing shows there are out there. Some London based, others are more local companies, which offer an equally incredible performance. Whilst I wouldn’t want this blog to be a complete review of a show, because for me, I couldn’t be critical of someone who has put themselves on one of the hardest platforms…the stage, I want to share which amazing Plays/Gigs/Shows I have been fortunate enough to see.

Please comment if you have also seen these shows, have anything to add, or generally want to know more information.

For now, I shall leave you in peace, but I have two shows I wish to share with you, so you will see a couple of posts shortly.

So Long…

Sound of Music

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